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Carrie Brinton Co-Founder of Elase

Carrie Brinton Co-Founder of Elase Medical Spa is rated #2 in the NATION for Coolsculpting, #4 in the NATION for Botox, and #1 for Coolsculpting and Botox in the state of Utah.

Dr. Pierce Medical Director of Ageless Forever
Dr.Jimenez Owner of The Medical Spa 
Dr. Ward Owner at Balanced Body

“As a Black Diamond provider I believed we didn’t need much help, but with EPG’s help we have gone to new heights. The only problem you are going to have is that you are going to wish you had done this 6 months ago”

Female Doctor

“Advance Jedi techniques for customer experience and closing consults”

Doctor Wearing a Tie

“These guys totally change my life, change my marketing and rocketed our numbers…Two month waiting list for new patients”


Be part of this elite of successful clients. We'll work with you one-on-one and increase your revenue in ways that you never thought it was possible before.  

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